Why is Print Marketing Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

Why is print marketing still relevant in the digital age?

There can be no denying the dominance of the internet nowadays. A strong online presence and an effective website are essential for businesses to succeed. It does not mean, however, that you should ignore other forms of marketing. It would be naive to ignore the benefits that are offered by a high-quality company. The top-of-funnel medium is still print, according to Andy Blau, senior vice president of finance and advertising at New York-based publisher Time Inc.

The advantages of print marketing over online marketing

Print marketing has certain advantages over online advertising, and these are advantages you will definitely want to take advantage of:
Print items are tangible, which is the main advantage. In addition to its tangibility, print has the ability to engage people far more than digital content because of its tangibility. 

The more time someone spends reading a magazine or brochure, the more likely they are to become inspired and take action. Leaflets and catalogs can be picked up and placed on your coffee table when they are posted through your front door. You can then review it at your convenience. This is not possible with online marketing. It is unlikely that you will ever return to the advertisement unless you click on the advertisement and bookmark the page. What percentage of people can honestly say that banner ads have helped them bookmark significant numbers of pages?

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How to target your campaign

Print marketing also offers the advantage of allowing you to target your advertising campaign. This is another key benefit of print marketing. There is the option to select the locations where brochures and other materials are delivered. Global print circulations may be down, but on the bright side, there is a highly engaged readership, which can only be a positive for advertisers and marketers.

Your advertisements may be displayed in a gym if you sell healthy food, for example. Online advertising makes it impossible to control your target audience. It is important to reach people where they are, and this is why print works so well! 

Compared to digital advertising, print advertising has the following advantages

Print and digital marketing costs are often misunderstood. First of all, many people believe that print ads are far more expensive than digital ads, but in reality, the gap is much smaller than you might think. 

There is strong evidence that consumers engage more with print advertising and content than with digital. When readers are multitasking on the web, whether it’s social media, the news, emails etc., their engagement and retention levels are likely to be lower than if they were solely focusing on one magazine article.

Even though print has evolved and changed due to advancements in technology, it has remained a key element of today’s world – a trusted and tangible medium for centuries to come. To succeed in marketing, it’s important to combine online and offline methods.

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