Leaflet Design, Be Strong, Be Bold

When designing leaflets be strong, be bold

It is easy to make a decision to go ahead with a leaflet campaign if you are aware of the many benefits it has over other marketing media. What should you include in your leaflet and how should you design it to make the biggest impact?

Your leaflet design campaign has just 6-8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Typically, people scan leaflets rather than read them, so it is important that your leaflet design campaign is not only eye-catching, but also conveys your message clearly. Your leaflet should pique the interest or curiosity of your prospective client or customer enough to keep it rather than throw it out.

Designing your leaflet: What to include

Business leaflets differ greatly in design and information, but there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

Make sure your colors and logo are consistent with your current branding
You should be able to identify your leaflet as yours from your logo, typeface, and colour scheme if you are a well-established business. To help people feel more familiar with your brand as you grow a new business, use the logo, typeface, colours, and imagery they will come to associate with you. 

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You must use eye catching images

The images you use should be eye-catching and help reinforce the features and benefits your business can offer. Called “Hero Shots”

A clear CTA (call to action)

When people receive your leaflet, what do you want them to do? Would you like them to contact you for a quote or place an order from your menu? Clearly explain what you want people to do and make it easy for them. The address of your website should be prominently displayed if you want people to visit your site.

Add your full contact details

Get in touch with people easily by making it easy to find you. Credibility is enhanced by your address, telephone number, and website. Additionally, you may want to include your email address and social media links. 

Add a discount or a timed offer

People are more likely to act upon your leaflet if you offer incentives. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaign by using offers and discount codes.

Some additional considerations:


When it comes to leaflet design, knowing what you need to include is crucial. If you want to include a lot of information, such as a menu and price list, consider a folded leaflet. Printed leaflets on both sides look more professional, and the cost is often not much higher than those printed on just one side. Consider the ease of delivering your leaflet when choosing the size. To avoid folding your leaflet, choose a size that will easily fit through a letterbox.

Paper weight and thickness

It is important to print your leaflet on quality paper or card to make a strong statement about your business. It may cost more, but a high-quality leaflet makes a better impression than one printed on a tight budget.

Would you like people to keep your leaflet for future reference? Especially if it is high quality and pleasing to the eye, people are more likely to keep a business card or postcard


Make your text easy to read by choosing an easy-to-read typeface. Your email or website should not have difficult-to-read fonts that cause people to skip details or make mistakes. 

Boost confidence in your business brand

Be sure to include any awards or accreditations that you have received. Building trust in your brand and gaining respect for your business is made easier when you are aware of formal recognition. 

The Need to Stand out

How does your business differ from the competition? Embrace your originality and emphasize what makes you unique in your leaflet. 

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