4 Reasons Why We Might Not Deliver To Every Address

4 Reasons Why We Might Not Deliver To Every Address

Addressed mail is much more expensive than door drops. Your leaflets, magazines, newspapers, or samples don’t have to be personalized, so you can deliver them to as many addresses as you want.

Nevertheless, this means your direct marketing agency can’t tell you which properties were missed if there’s any stock left after a door drop campaign.

What are the reasons for a door drop distributor having excess literature? Is there a reason why some addresses are missed at the end of a round?

The following are 4 reasons why door drop distributors do not always deliver to every address.

REASON 1: It is not always obvious when an address is missed

In the area where your distributor is delivering your items, not having individual addresses makes it difficult for them to find all of the addresses.

The flat could be hidden behind a house or in the midst of a long, winding lane, making it easy to overlook. A distributor can easily get confused about where they’ve delivered and where they haven’t if they’re delivering to a brand new estate with all properties looking the same.

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REASON 2: They are prohibited from visiting certain addresses

Basically, distributors can’t physically deliver to certain properties. Buildings undergoing construction or restoration, for example, may not have letterboxes or signs asking not to post direct marketing materials. Some properties have electric gates preventing entry.

REASON 3: Unable to access the property

A classic example of a property that distributors cannot easily access is a block of flats or apartment building. The majority of the time, they are not allowed access to communal entrances that have security codes for residents’ safety.

REASON 4: Not everyone wants direct marketing materials

Last but not least, the main reason why distributors aren’t able to deliver to every single address is because people come out of their homes and ask them not to delivery there. There are also times when concierges or porters request only a few copies, not the entire allocation, for the block. Missed property reports are made by our distributors in such cases.

Door drop campaigns, on average, contain a very low percentage of non-delivery cases, well below industry standards of 2-3%. A direct marketing agency may not have delivered every piece of literature in your door drop, but this does not mean the service was poor.

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