5 Tips For Using Leaflet Campaigns to Win New Business

5 Tips For Using Leaflet Campaigns to Win New Business

One thing remains the same, whether you’re an estate agent or restaurant, franchisee or agency; you want your leaflet drop campaigns to be successful.

Quite a challenge, isn’t it? With over 10 years’ experience creating memorable leaflet campaigns, you wouldn’t expect anything less. The following tips will help you produce successful leaflet drops that will help you win new business.

1: A Compelling CTA

You must have a striking photo image (hero shot) to attract attention along with a teaser headline getting the reader intrigued about your product or service. 

When you look in the mirror and smile do you see yellow teeth? We used this for a successful dentist teeth whitening campaign.

If you’ve ever heard of Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker you’ll know about the famous $123,994.97 cheque he received from Google in 2005 for Adsense revenue. He became the Facebook monetization specialist pushing  advertising boundaries so far he ran into trouble with Facebook headquarters and was sacked. His method was to use “Soccer Mum” photos in all his adverts and added text in other languages but getting the same amazing results.

My point is the “Hero Shot” in any marketing material is very important.

Along with an amazing hero shot try to think of a FOMO (Fear of missing out) offer, “Hurry, Offer ends in the next 7 days” etc.

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2: Consider your price and offer

In order to generate a response, your price or offer is important. Getting comparisons from your competitors is one of the best things you can do. Your price position within the market will be determined by how you position yourself – top, middle, or bottom.

Profit Vs Share.
A question we ask our clients is, ‘Are you trying to increase your share of the market with almost no profit, or do you want to win local business based on more profit but with less response?’

3: Creating the best image

Make sure your leaflet accurately portrays your service or product. As your leaflet becomes your shop window, it should be designed and printed to reflect the quality of service or product you want to offer.

4: Don’t be a one-hit wonder

This has happened many times before. The client drops leaflets and gets either a great response or a poor response, and on that basis decides not to carry out any further activities.

In our experience, the most successful clients formulate a campaign that runs monthly or bi-monthly. Regular campaigns are extremely effective as your brand is seen by potential customers and clients. These potential customers begin to trust you. When your service or product is required, they reach into their messy kitchen drawer and pull out your leaflet to get their problem solved. 

5: Enlist the right expertise

As a very simple rule of thumb, it takes, on average, 7-8 hours to deliver 1,000 leaflets, which is around 2-3 per minute in your average street. Therefore you would expect the price to be over £55 per thousand to include transportation, office and warehouse costs.

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