When is the Best Time to Organise a Leaflet Delivery Campaign?

When is the best time to organise a leaflet delivery campaign?

As leaflet distribution experts with over 10 years direct marketing experience, we frequently get asked lots of questions about door drop campaigns. One of the main questions we are asked is, ‘When is the right time to run a leaflet delivery campaign?’

What a good question. When is the right time? And does a ‘best’ time even exist?

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It does, that’s the good news. Our direct marketing campaigns are creative, innovative, and results-driven. Those leaflet delivery campaigns that aren’t treated as one-offs are the most effective in our experience.

If you want your campaign to have maximum impact, you need to plan ahead. There is no way to predict whether or when someone will pick up your leaflet and order your product or service.

What we do know is that if you allocate a budget to direct marketing for the year and divide it into quarterly, monthly or weekly campaigns, you will spread your response opportunities. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

The peace of mind that comes with knowing what your direct marketing costs will be for the next year.
Your budget will stretch further when you have rates based on annual spend rather than ad-hoc campaigns. 

Leaflet marketing campaigns should be organized in advance, the more in advance the better. In this way, you can ensure your direct marketing activity is sustained and, more importantly, you have the time to create engaging campaigns that will attract your target audience and provide you with measurable results.

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