It’s Not Always Possible to Get Immediate Responses From Leaflet Delivery Campaigns

It's not always possible to get immediate responses from leaflet delivery campaigns

With over 10 years of experience in direct marketing leaflet distribution, we are often asked questions about all aspects of our industry-leading delivery services.
This explanation might help explain why door drops don’t always result in immediate responses.

Our most frequent question is, “What response rate should I expect? ”
It would be great if we could provide definitive response rates, but it is not that easy.

Do not be misled

Do not be misled into believing that the calls will come thick and fast when you perform a leaflet drop.
Certainly, it would be ideal, and it may well apply in some cases; it may be most common with takeout menus.
In reality, most businesses are unlikely to be able to achieve this.
You might not get a flood of phone calls right away for a variety of reasons. 

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It depends on your call to action

In the first place, it depends on your call to action on the leaflet. Have you directed the potential new client to your website or to your phone number? Often, people overlook increased website traffic in favour of calls as an indication of the success of their campaign. Second, what kind of business do you run? Do you offer a service, sell items, or is your leaflet a consultation and therefore response is not a priority?

Your service may not be necessary at the time

Depending on your business, the service you provide may not always be necessary at the time. Imagine receiving a leaflet from an estate agent… this won’t make someone sell their home, but when they do, you’ll be at the forefront of their mind. The leaflet may have sparked their imagination. They may go online to check out your kitchen and bathroom shop if they plan to remodel their kitchen and bathroom next year. You may see an immediate response if you advertise a discount for this weekend only at a restaurant or a hairdresser.

The importance of repeat customers cannot be overstated!

The importance of repeat customers cannot be overstated! Having a loyal client from a leaflet campaign may in fact cover the costs of the leaflet campaign and more over time. Plus, loyal clients are most likely to recommend you.

There's more to it than just responses

There’s more to it than just responses. A leaflet campaign is a great way to create brand awareness; a new business may not receive the same response as an established business that has been dropping leaflets for several months. How many times have you seen the same company’s leaflet come through your door subconsciously? Repetition is definitely recommended. It is better to reach 10,000 homes three times than 30,000 homes once. Make sure local residents know you’re there. Many of our clients tell us, ‘People don’t even know we exist!’

Never underestimate the benefits of a leaflet campaign.

As a result of all this, never underestimate the benefits of a leaflet campaign. There is something tangible about a leaflet. You can reach 1,000’s of doormats for an affordable price. People have to pick up your leaflet, so while it is in someone’s hand, you have a few seconds to convey your message. If you want to get their attention, make sure your leaflet speaks to them.

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