4 Questions You Must Ask Your Leaflet Distribution Company

4 questions you must ask your Leaflet Distribution Company

1 - How will I know you deliver what you say you will?

The importance of transparency cannot be overstated. Moreover, organisations that aren’t willing to be open in their processes should be avoided.

If they are unwilling to provide transparency, you should question their ethics and reliability. It is also obvious for you to benefit from knowing exactly what an agency has done for you.

There should be caution when it comes to companies that make promises that are too good to be true. A quote from one agency that is substantially lower than those from other agencies should be viewed with suspicion.

Local Life has tried and tested methods for both delivery and back checking. To learn how we manage deliveries of your marketing materials and how we ensure they are completed according to our strict guidelines, please contact us.

2. In addition to distribution, what else can you offer me?

Would you like some help converting a great idea into a targeted, successful campaign?

Your agency should be able to provide creative designs and artwork, bringing your marketing ideas, if required.

Do you have an unusual distribution request, such as targeting a specific demographic area? If so, is this something that the agency is able to cater for?

It is important for agencies to offer you advice based on their expertise, and not to be afraid to advise you against a campaign if they think it won’t succeed.  Making your direct marketing mailing stand out is more than just delivering leaflets, it’s about achieving maximum impact. Would your agency be able to provide this service?

Local Life provides free expert marketing advice and will design stylish creative marketing materials that deliver memorable profitable campaigns.

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3. How do I know you can deliver my campaign?

A direct marketing agency’s process should be discussed during your initial consultation.

What makes you confident that they will deliver your campaign? Is their operation transparent? Do they tell you what you can expect up front? Are they realistic about their capabilities? Are they self-sufficient in terms of warehouse space?

It’s crucial to investigate an agency’s history of previous campaigns to determine whether or not they’ll be able to deliver yours. Get to know their previous work, especially jobs that are similar to the one you need.

A reliable way to determine whether an agency will deliver your campaign well is to learn about its previous campaigns.

4. What will you do if my initial distribution doesn't work?

As far as direct marketing is concerned, it is not an exact science. Most agencies are eager to work with you to discover the most effective campaign tactics.

After the first distribution, agencies should tweak the design of a campaign or modify the targeted area for increased impact. Organise another campaign to a different area on a different day of the week? Asking about the agency’s approach to this process at the outset is an effective way to determine its credentials. In general, the more you put into it, the more you’re likely to get out of it.

It can be challenging to decide which marketing agency is right for your business. Having found the right direct marketing partner, you can work together to create something truly memorable.

We would love to work with you. Contact us today to find out why we are your perfect marketing partner – 01279 793 723

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