Using Leaflet Marketing Distributors to Generate New Customers

Using leaflet marketing distributors to generate new customers

Why use Local Life distributors?

To make a successful political campaign, political parties utilize door-to-door distributors to gain as much support as possible in the run-up to an election.

Unlike email or online advertising, door-to-door leaflet distribution is an excellent method of engaging your target audience, because you’re delivering the message direct to their homes.

Not only do leaflets increase brand awareness, or in this case, awareness of the specific political party, but they act as a brilliant way of providing updates to your local community and information about policies and manifestos.

A political door-to-door campaign sees high levels of interaction, with 73% of these being opened and 68% being read. These types of mail are kept in the home for seven days, giving readers the chance to read them more than once

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Local distribution during COVID Lockdown

As a result of the nationwide lockdown, some local marketing activity grew unprecedentedly, especially in the political and government sectors. We saw a huge increase in MPs and councils sending out leaflets to inform their local residents about lockdowns. Compared to social media, TV, and radio advertising, mail is often seen as a more trusted form of communication and the only way to reach every household. JICMAIL results show that this type of mail is interacted with more frequently from 2019 to 2020 

According to JICMAIL, interaction increased across all audience types in Q2 2020 and Q2 2019, most likely because of the lockdown and an increase in home occupancy. In 2019, 24% of Council/Government mail prompted discussion, up from 30% in 2018. Over the same period, 8% more people went online as a result of receiving Council/Government mail.

A hidden audience?

Mail is generally seen as geared toward older generations, while digital marketing is viewed as most appealing to Generation Y and millennials. Based on data from JICMAIL 2019-2020, recipients aged 15-24 interacted with door drops more than any other age group. Using JICMAIL data, a recent Mediatel article found that young people are more likely than you might expect to respond to mail.

Tips for using leaflet campaigns

If you are planning on distributing political or informational leaflets, we recommend using our solus distribution service, since your leaflet will be delivered on its own through the letterbox. You can select a specific delivery period and distribute to a specific area by selecting the constituency, ward, or street for many of your door drops.

A folded leaflet has a lot more information than a standard single-sheet leaflet, which is why many of our clients in the political sector choose it. Including photos and information on your policies and updates will engage residents.

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Data source: JICMAIL

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