The Best Leaflet Distribution Techniques Locally

The best leaflet distribution techniques locally

Most local businesses focus on serving their local area

Most local businesses focus on serving their local area have been using leaflet distribution as a crucial part of their marketing efforts for years now.

Large multi-national companies tend to use leaflet distribution to reach local residents in specific targeted areas usually as part of larger national campaigns.

We know that leaflets work. But how can we make them work to their highest potential. What are the best leaflet distribution techniques locally?

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Local, Local, Local

Leaflet distribution is at it’s most effective when it is focused on targeting a local area around a given business. The design of the leaflet can be tailored to the local demographics.

Local doesn’t necessarily mean only within the postcode in which your business is located. The way we define the term local area is slightly more nuanced. Data shows people are willing to travel miles to visit a business of interest to them.

Look at a radius around your business you are able to serve. Combine this information with the demographic groups you are looking to target and find a crossover. Eliminate any areas from this selection that are you feel will be unprofitable based on perceived household incomes for instance.

After making your demographical decision look at other areas where easy transport links to your business are available. Also look at routes easily reachable by public transport that have overlap with your target demographic groups.

This is your local area and defining this well is probably the most important in our list of the best leaflet distribution techniques locally. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The ultimate leaflet distribution technique is repeated drops.

The majority of our clients use repeat leaflet drops. Many of our clients have had monthly leaflet drops continuously for years. Why? Because it works! It brings in customers month after month. It doesn’t matter which service or industry you trade in Upholsters, Kitchen Designers, Double Glazing, Foot Health, Gardeners, Wheel Repairs etc they all have success month after month with leaflet campaigns.

People purchase from businesses they Know and Trust. Each time they see your leaflet it builds trust.

Marketing your business door to door locally

There are many variations for successful leaflet campaigns based of time schedules, seasons, demographics, postcodes, design and size but being conscient is by far the most important factor for winning marketing campaigns.

The power of leaflet distribution is the ability to reach local households in a given targeted area and to do so repeatedly and consistently.

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