Blanket Leaflet Drops Vs Targeted Leaflet Campaigns

How can you target the right customers for your business with your marketing campaign? A leaflet drop is an unaddressed piece of mail, so it contains no specific information about the addressee. It is possible however, to focus your campaign on particular areas or client types.

Would it be better to send a mass mailing or to target a specific type of client? There are a number of factors to consider, so we have provided some information below to help you figure out what may be best for you.

Blanket Leaflet Delivery

A blanket leaflet delivery allows you to reach the largest possible audience. You can reduce your costs by using a shared drop. Your leaflet will be delivered with others, but it will be the only one of your industry or service.

Brand awareness can be achieved through blanket leaflet distribution. Leaflet drops are often used by established businesses whose brands have already become household names. They are often accompanied by special offers to encourage people to buy their products or services. In addition to spreading their name and their offers to a wide range of homes, blanket leaflet drops can help lesser known businesses create brand awareness. As potential clients or customers become familiar with your business name and logo over time, repeat drops reinforce the brand name and confidence in it. They will remember your brand when they are looking for what you offer.

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Targeted Leaflet Campaigns

You can target your leaflet campaigns based on your industry, what you are trying to promote, and what type of clients you want to attract with targeted leaflet campaigns. This is the perfect way to cherry pick your clients!

In some cases, estate agents may target owner-occupied properties within a certain radius of their offices. In order to attract over 50s, care homes may wish to target households with incomes over XX. In consultation work, targeted options are perfect for distributing letters within a specific area and on a specific date

Which marketing method is best for you?

This depends on what you are trying to promote and what you wish to achieve with your campaign. Before deciding whether to opt for blanket or targeted drops, try to work out your objectives. Is your product or service more suited to a certain type of customer or is it something that is relevant for everyone? There are various ways in which you can narrow down your target audience, so let’s take a look at those options.

Target by area

We can provide radius searches to target a certain area or distance from your business. We can also deliver to specific postcodes or postcode sectors or even focus on a bespoke area created by you.

Costs – Blanket drop vs. targeted campaign

It is important to consider the amount of time spent planning a targeted campaign when comparing costs. As you compare cost and time, how much does it really matter if someone who is not your target audience receives a leaflet? It does not… they may know someone who is looking for the service you offer and can pass the leaflet on.

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