Planning is Everything! Make Your Marketing Campaigns Work For You

Planning is everything! Make your marketing campaigns work for you
Leaflet campaigns, or any marketing campaign for that matter, aren’t going to happen by themselves. Campaigns require forward planning and an overall aim of what you want to accomplish.

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Plan for three months

You might already have a plan for the whole year if you’re super organized. Try planning just three months in advance if you aren’t (which goes for most of us). If necessary, you can reassess your plan after 3 months. You can build subconscious recognition of your brand by targeting your clients regularly, whether it is monthly or more often than that. Upon receiving the leaflet, the customer may not require your services immediately. However, they may do so at a later date. A car repair leaflet, for example, may not be useful at the time, but 2 months later, if a problem arises, you are more likely to remember the leaflets you have received rather than one off. 

Targeting the same homes is an excellent way to build up brand awareness and subconscious rapport with them whilst also making sales from your leaflets.

Planning the Campaign

Several factors need to be considered right from the start, such as…

A. Designing your leaflet, ensuring you have a clear call to action, and considering your audience, their reading style, and the font to use. 

B. As for the printing, consider the paper finish and feel, as well as the gsm or in layman’s terms, weight and thickness.

C. What are you targeting, the homes within a radius of your location, specific streets, or a whole postcode?

D. It is wise to work out how much you can allocate to marketing and use that as a tool to determine how many potential customers you can reach.

How to Make Your Plan Work

Leaflet campaigns are all about planning, as you probably already know. Consider using a calendar to keep track of upcoming dates, events and promotions so you can refer to them often. 

Make sure you ask your distribution company how long their lead times are. They may also be able to advise you on the best times to carry out a campaign.

Our experienced marketing team is available to help you plan your campaign or schedule a free meeting by calling 01279 793 723 or by using our contact form HERE 

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