9 Top Reasons For Regular, Frequent, Consistent Advertising

9 Top Reasons For Regular, Frequent, Consistent Advertising

1. Consumers have new wants and needs and make new purchases every day

Very few people need specific products on any given day. In half of all the general product categories evaluated in a consumer study, each person’s individual purchase decision and actual purchase were made in a single day. Regular and consistent advertising reaches this “small market” and captures the company when it’s ready to buy, not just when it’s ready to sell.

Advertising makes it more likely that consumers will know who you are when they’re ready to buy, on any given day.

2. Regular advertising reaches your customers and has a positive effect on your company's perception

Frequency increases awareness, awareness creates familiarity, and familiarity creates trust. The general view is that your target audience must contact your message approximately three times more than once for the message to get across and you to get attention. Like diets, advertising gets the best results over time. Each advertisement and any other type of notoriety is based on the previous one.

3. Advertisers who use a higher frequency get the best rates

Most media outlets offer significant incentives to their largest and most stable advertisers, that is, those who carry out frequent advertising campaigns. Whether these incentives aim to publish a specific number of ads or invest a fixed amount in ££££’s over time, the media recognize the need to maintain frequency and encourage advertisers to use them effectively, using lower prices as an incentive.

Today’s ads can be influential, but if you run ads again tomorrow, you can get a potential customer before they buy. Guiding potential customers through the sales funnel is a good reason to advertise. Advertising is an investment in the growth and future of your business. Consumers who buy products or services from companies like yours almost always buy them from a company they knew before their needs materialized.

4. Advertising helps you leave the competition behind

If you don’t advertise as much as your competitors, who is most likely to reach the consumer who is willing to buy? Regular and effective advertising gives you a dominant position in the market when shoppers make their purchases.

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5. Advertising is another important daily activity keeping your business open and profitable

Just as you invest money and energy to open your doors every day, fill shelves, have communication systems, telephones, computers up and running, and keeping your employees working, advertising is just as necessary. Advertising is one of your smallest expenses. For an average company, investments in advertising could only amount to 2-3%.

6. Advertising often leads to higher than average financial results

Every company needs new customers every week. A study conducted by the Advertising Research Federation found that products advertised more frequently generated higher and consistent levels of profits.

7. Regular advertising helps you distribute your turnover more evenly throughout the year

You can help avoid an increase in customer traffic and use resources more efficiently and manage inventory through limited-time advertising to sell products out of season, during the slowest times of the year.

8. Frequency helps your ads to drive the message home

Let’s use an example here. Mohammed Ali did not become world heavyweight champion by defeating 20 people one at a time. He became champion by punching one opponent, very effectively, 20 times. By applying high frequency to his opponent, he was able to drive the message home.

9. You MUST advertise regularly because in reality “people forget”

Without regular and consistent reminders, the customer base is simply forgotten. Every day that your story isn’t told is another day when your competitors can influence consumers.

Coca Cola is worth billions, but they continue to advertise regularly to ensure their brand is the first drink that comes to mind when you need one.

Regular, Frequent and Consistent Wins the Profits Race!!

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