Drop Leaflets Regularly to Reach Your Target Audience

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You can make your brand stand out from your competitors by distributing leaflets on a regular basis!

It is wise to remember that consumers are not always ready to purchase your services when you run a marketing campaign. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct regular leaflet drops to keep your brand in the forefront of their minds.

If you have something special to offer, then chances are that people will remember you when they need your product or service.

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What is the purpose of dropping leaflets regularly?

There are many of our clients, in various industry and service sectors, that conduct regular leaflet drops on a monthly or bi monthly basis and have done for many years. This is as a means of maintaining a strong presence in their local area. Some alternate their map areas each time round to ensure a wider coverage overall. It is likely that if you have lived in your area for some time, you may already be aware of the various companies that are located in your area. Takeout anyone? Fredo’s Pizza Company. Is your house up for sale? Everrard Estate Agents. Do you have an electrical problem? Jackison Plumbing Services. As opposed to companies that don’t drop leaflets regularly, these companies are remembered by householders and more importantly, the contact information of the required company is easy to find on the leaflet kept in the “Man Draw”. 

Thinking of selling your home

Moving home is a process that some may go through only once or twice in their lives. Therefore, it is unlikely that if someone receives a leaflet for an estate agency they will respond immediately.

There are two possible scenarios. In the first scenario, the house is not going to be sold any time soon, so your leaflet is thrown away with the recycling. When you have a good presence in the area along with an eye-catching design, your brand will be recognized by most people who glance at your leaflet. In the second scenario, the recipient may be considering selling their property and would like some more information, so they contact you. Your leaflet may land with someone who is actively looking to sell their property and they will contact you right away.

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