Leaflet Distribution Campaigns are Dead, and Other Leaflet Myths Debunked

Leaflet Distribution Campaigns are dead, and other door drop myths debunked

Recently I’ve heard lots of misconceptions about leaflet distribution campaigns. 

Below, I discuss 5 of the most common myths, ranging from effectiveness to working practices. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or myths you’d like addressed.

Myth 1. Leaflet Distribution response rates can be guaranteed

Door drops have been the subject of much discussion within the direct marketing industry. Due to the large number of variables, it is not possible to give an exact percentage figure. A roofing company might get one response whereas a Foot Health Professional might get 10-20 responses to their marketing material.

There are some variables that your marketing partner can control. For example, excessive weather may delay distribution (whether it is heat, rain, snow, extreme weather slows distribution). 

Another variable is, we can tailor the design and print to your target demographic based on our market research.

There are also other key factors to consider, such as the products and services you’re promoting. What is the competitiveness of your offer? Are there many people interested in it? Does the market appear to be saturated?

Additionally, there are uncontrollable factors, such as how the recipient feels when they receive your leaflet. The difference between gaining a customer and ending up in the recycling bin can be determined by a potential customer’s positive mood.

Your response rate is affected by all of these factors. 30% is the highest rate we’ve ever seen. In some cases, however, 0.5%-1% can produce a significant return on investment depending on the product, the demographic, and the volume of your distribution. Using their experience, a good direct marketing partner can determine an indicative rate based on all these variables

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Myth 2: People no longer respond to direct mail

The perception is that direct mail belongs to the past, when people responded to promotions differently before email and internet marketing. Compared to other, more costly advertising mediums, our clients are seeing a better return on investment with our service.

Exactly why?

It doesn’t matter how internet-enabled your promotion is, people still have to pick it up from their doormat. Consequently, you’re guaranteed a minimum of 5 seconds of attention. To avoid advertisements, you can browse Facebook instead of flipping through a magazine at the supermarket checkout or watching TV programmes on catch-up. Most people will not leave their post or leaflets lying on the floor. It’s human nature to pick it up.

The distribution of leaflets is thus one of the few advertising methods that can’t be ignored.

Using demographic data has also improved local targeting, which contributes to leaflet distribution delivering a strong ROI. You can choose demographic information such as household income and whether to deliver to private or rented homes. As a result of targeting, your mailing campaign is as relevant as possible for the recipient, which increases response rates.

Myth 3: Half my leaflets won’t be delivered

In order to ensure your leaflets are delivered to the areas or postcodes you specify; we use a combination of tested techniques.

With over 10 years’ experience in delivering millions of marketing materials we have a number of techniques we have developed to guarantee delivery.

Do not be fooled by so called “Live Tracking”. Satellite tracking only proves the delivery person has walked the route. There is a huge difference between going for a satellite tracked stroll and actually delivering your leaflet through individual letterboxes.

Our tracking methods have been developed, tried and tested over a 10 year period.

Myth 4: Leaflet Distribution is a commodity-based industry

Choosing a partner solely based on price is never a good idea. It is generally accepted that the majority of leaflet delivery companies work with low profit margins and a high volume of work. You should always ask the company how it calculated its rate per 1,000, and if possible, you should visit the site to observe how it operates.

You’ll also find out how long it will take to turn things around. It’s one of the few types of advertising that can be set up and distributed within a week, which is one of its advantages. Your returns start appearing quickly because of these quick timescales.

Myth 5: Jogging between addresses makes distributors more productive

A delivery of 1,000 items typically takes 7 to 8 hours. The distribution rate is based on a brisk walking pace of 2-3 deliveries per minute. Those 1,000 items must be delivered by foot over 20 miles each day by the distributor.

Distributors may sprint from one address to the next, but they still have to open and close garden gates and post items through letterboxes. An increase in productivity on Monday is offset by a marked decrease by Friday, as our tests have shown a faster pace simply isn’t sustainable over a 5-day working week.

The most efficient distribution is achieved by distributors who walk briskly.

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