The 5 Big Secrets to Memorable Leaflet Marketing

The 4 Big secrets to Memorable Leaflet Marketing

1. Think laterally to capture the imagination of your target audience

Successful direct marketing is about making your mailing stand out. And the most effective way to do that is by capturing the imagination of your readers. People get used to seeing the same things. It’s boring. If you give them something they’re not familiar with they’ll want more.
However, don’t go overboard. It’s not about shocking people. But at the same time you need to think about an eye-catching way to engage them with the right image (hero shot) – It’s the first thing they’ll notice about your leaflet. Having a catchy slogan/phrase is just as important. The best way to accomplish this is not necessarily to make your direct marketing directly relevant to your product or service.

Take a lateral approach. You might want to ask your readers a question. Share something surprising with them. In one of my most successful campaigns, I asked: ‘What does your carpet tell you about yourself?
The responses were overwhelming, as people glanced guiltily at their flooring.

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2. Sell the feeling or emotion the product or service will give

You should always focus on your target audience when developing your strategy. What will they gain from your product or service?
The more you talk about the features of your product or service, the more they’ll lose interest. When you tell them how good it will make them feel, they will want to know more.

Consequently, a competent agency will not only understand your business’s needs but will also approach your products or services from your target audience’s perspective. Why should they care about this? If you want to create a campaign that sticks in people’s minds, you should sell that.

3. Don’t think short term profits

Many people keep leaflets for future reference or discard them immediately, but they still need to pick them up. Even if they don’t realize they’re doing it, they will glance at it for a few seconds. They may not read it, but you can guarantee they will glance at it. Human nature dictates this.

Therefore, door drop campaigns are powerful and unique mediums that have the potential to reach everyone.

Return on investment isn’t the only way to measure a door drop campaign’s effectiveness. It has subliminal effects. Therefore, regardless of whether a campaign is memorable or not, it is successful in a broader sense. But doesn’t that mean the memorable ones don’t matter? Of course they do!

4. Have a Leaflet Marketing strategy

You want to give your potential customers a taste of what you have to offer with a leaflet campaign. It should contain a CTA (Call To Action) like an invitation, offer or a recommendation. As a result, if your mailing is memorable, you’ll have tantalized your potential customer and left them intrigued or afraid to miss out FOMO.

There is no such thing as a one-off direct marketing campaign. Campaigns that are ongoing are more likely to succeed. In order for people to begin to understand that your product or service exists, you have to make two or three attempts.

Clients who have a budget and a strategy for the year are my most successful clients. It is key for them to make a long term plan and stick to it. These are the campaigns that produce the most effective results and are most memorable. 

5. If you feel you are unable to write a sales leaflet hire a professional

It’s not easy to create a sales leaflet. If you feel that you lack the skills and time to create a great sales leaflet, we can help you. Hire us and we will create a professional sales leaflet for your product or service.

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