Achieving Leaflet Marketing Success Through Design and Print

Achieving Leaflet Marketing Success

Making your message stand out in the crowd is the key to creating the perfect leaflet. As this may be people’s first contact with your campaign, eye-catching designs can be highly effective, but you must make sure that your message stands out loudly and clearly. Here are some points we think will help you get your leaflet design as perfect as possible…


There is no doubt that colour matters and can have a significant impact on your leaflet. Even though using colour in your artwork does not automatically make your leaflet more effective, the color scheme that you select will shape your brand awareness. By using colours, you can convey a message to your readers. In general, red is used to promote sales and special offers, while green is used when promoting natural, organic products. You can also make your design stand out by choosing colors at opposite ends of the spectrum, such as blue and orange.


To capture people’s imagination, your artwork must contain striking images. It is most likely that a good image will attract the attention of the viewer, leading to a positive first impression. An image of poor quality or no image will likely have a lower impact. You should also use images that are relevant to the product or service you are promoting. Logos or images of your products/services can be used. Images of keys, houses, or sold signs are commonly used by Estate Agents. As well as attracting readers, this relates directly to what your business offers.


Your leaflet should contain simple, engaging, and informative text. Adding rambling information to your leaflet will only turn people off from reading it. Ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your writing as this will make you appear unprofessional. Additionally, make sure all contact information is visible and accurate, so that contacting you is easy.


After your artwork has been finalized, you can begin the printing process. Depending on your artwork design and a print specification for the printer, the size of your leaflet will be determined. You will then need to decide whether you want a single-sided or double-sided layout, the colour specification, and the GSM or paper weight and thickness. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, you’re not alone – our team is here to help! Every campaign will require a different approach, so we will guide you accordingly.

Getting started with your Leaflet campaign

If you have your artwork at the ready, send it over and we will print and distribute for you. If you are still in the process or are looking for a leaflet design that will enhance your brand awareness, just tell us. We will work with you to create your bespoke leaflet that you will be proud to be recognised by.

Any questions? or want to find out more about how we can help with leaflet design and print?
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