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Write about your profession, hobby, or interest. It doesn't matter if it's crochet, gardening, history or self help etc, we'd love to hear from you.
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You don't have to be an expert writer. We proofread and polish your finished work.

Who’s It For?
Hobbyists, Doctors, Nurses, Self Help Gurus, Alternative Medicine Experts, Dietitians, Gardeners, Historians, Therapists, Lawyers, Musicians, Golfers, Teachers, Lecturers, Financial Consultants, Money Saving Experts, Health & Fitness Experts, Vicars, Mental Health Experts, Artists, Veterinarians, Weight Loss Experts. The interests and topics are infinite.

We will use over 100 proved methods to promote your new book. Your book is promoted by us at our cost, we share the profits with you ..…You DO NOT incur any costs or fees whatsoever!

Earn Recurring Income

How it works
The most important part. Based on your interest, specialisation, skills or profession we research what books are selling and trending at the moment. If books aren’t selling there’s no point writing them. You don’t get paid once, you get paid month after month for each book written.

We research the topic and set out the specific chapters to be written. Armed with our detailed research you write a book based on the subject.  A deadline date is agreed for proofreading the finished book. The book is tweaked and polished by us ready for the big launch.

The launch is phase is critical and we take care of that. In order to maximise sales we promote your book through over 100 channels using our proven methods and trusted partners. You’ll receive a monthly residual income based on the success of your book(s) .

The timescale to write a factual information book on a part time basis is approximately 1-2 months. It’s easier than you think!

We offer 100% transparency, we want a lasting profitable relationship with our authors.

Case Studies
1. A college lecturer is earning approximately £6,300 each and every month from book sales.
2. A biography on the life of David Bowie will earn  at least £7,000 this month.
These case studies are not exceptional.

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