Get paid to get fit and lose weight !
We require mature fit adults between 21 – 80 years of age.

These are self employed positions and you will be responsible for declaring your earnings to the relevant authorities.

Leaflet distributors deliver marketing material to local homes. You would be expected to deliver up to four A5 leaflets to each household. Each round will consist of approximately 3,000 -5,000 homes. An average person should be able to deliver to 1,000 homes within 5 – 6 hours. Therefore when we give you a round it will usually take between 5 – 8 days to complete or as an average most people can deliver to 200 house per hour.

Leaflets are much lighter and smaller than newspapers, so you will only need a small rucksack for an entire days distributing. There is no need for a trolley unless you feel you need one.

We try to organise it so you can work in your own area BUT if you have a car and want to, we can send you to nearby areas.

We have found the majority of people applying to become a leaflet distributor are retired people, semi-retired, housewives or college/university students. We do ask that you are able to do at least 16 hours per week.

How much do we pay?
We pay per 1,000 households that you are delivering to and most rounds consist of 3,000 – 5,000 leaflets. We do not pay per leaflet.

3 leaflets per household pays £45 per 1,000
4 leaflets per household pays £55 per 1,000

It takes approximately 5 – 6 hours to deliver to 1,000 households

If you are interested in becoming a self employed leaflet distributor call 01279 793 723 today


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