Content marketing

Content Marketing -What Is It?
Content marketing is growing factor in the business community as an important marketing tool. But what is Content Marketing? Why is it valuable for your business? How do you begin?

Content Marketing Defined
Content marketing is the creation and sharing of relevant content in order to engage current and potential customers for the purpose of building trust and your brand.

What do customers really want?
Your prospects and customers crave relevant interesting information about your business, service or industry. The internet is filled with content much of it outdated. It can be difficult and frustrating for your prospects and customers to trust the accuracy of content from websites. It's your job to provide reliable, relevant, interesting and engaging content for them to read on a regular basis. You need to be the trusted source them come to.

Building Trust – Building Your Brand
By producing reliable, regular, relevant, interesting and engaging content your prospects will begin to trust you and your brand. With trust comes work of mouth business, you might even start a following because they'll feel connected. Building trust, building a relationship is paramount in today's consumer choice marketplace.

Establishing Presence
 A major benefit of excellent content is Google loves it. They rely of fresh up to date, relevant content to help people seeking answers when searching for information. Google and the other search engines are constantly tweaking their (secret) algorithms. Website owners should keep abreast of the current trends. Google rewards good content and correct SEO and severely punishes webmasters trying to trick the system. Site owners have been de-indexed and lost 100,00's of pounds in online income. Mention “The Google Panda Update” and you might see a grown up weep.

In conclusion
Give your customers, potential customers and the search engines engaging relevant content and everybody wins.

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