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ARL Upholstery – Broxbourne

Tony Lamb at ARL Upholstery (Broxbourne) has used three main marketing methods to build his business locally over the past 5 years. These methods have been a success, his client diary is always full, 3-4 months in advance.

Although his diary has clients prepared to wait for months for his services he has never reduced his advertising campaigns. “You never know when the well might run dry” says Tony.

“Local Life Mags has played a large part to my business success. If people do not know what I do or where I am, I would not get any new customers!”

“People prefer to use local companies they trust, are within traveling distance and are able to meet face to face.”

ARL Upholstery attribute their success to these three marketing methods.

Local Community Magazines

  1. A full page advert in both Local Life Broxbourne and Local Life Ware & Hertford. These adverts have been running consistently for 5+ years. The adverts work and bring in regular enquires. “We know because we ask anyone making an enquiry, Where did you hear about us?” says Tony.


Local Leaflet Distribution

  1. For other areas not covered by Local Life Mags, ARL Upholstery use the services of Local Life Leaflets. They have a monthly contract consisting of 5,000 leaflets distributed to any of our 40+ local areas. Using these smaller leaflet drops ARL are able to test the best areas for their market audience.


Local Business Website

  1. Quite often the second place potential clients go after reading an advert is to check out the company website. They need to confirm the company is legit and established before calling to make an enquiry. ARL Upholstery has a contemporary, modern design website with a gallery of before and after work.


ARL Upholstery can be contacted on 01992 465 234
Website arlupholstery.com

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